The Order : for spectators, the new teen show Netflix keeps its promises

Intended to be a public fan of magical creatures and stories of love unrequited, The Order is available on the platform since 7 march. With its cast of young people first, the show has won over fans of the genre. Jack Morton makes his first return to the university with a very clear objective in mind : to integrate the Order of the Blue Rose to avenge his father. This secret society reserved for the wizards experiencing a dark period. A werewolf prowls the campus and attacks the young recruits of the Order. Helped by the beautiful Alyssa, Jack tries to see the light on the mysteries that is the magical world. The Order is a new fantasy series aimed at young adults, as was the case of The new adventures of Sabrina in 2018. Many users have also seen similarities with this show, but also with The Magicians. I just finished season 1 of #TheOrder , it is a mix between #TheMagicians , #LesNouvellesAventuresdeSabrina and other series.
It is really not bad, I liked it, on the other hand, I find that it is a little bit seen time and time again but hey it is fun to watch.— DIMLIFE (@dimlife28) 11 march 2019, The fans of Riverdale have noticed an uncanny resemblance between the posters of the two series. Am I the only one that noticed? 🥤#wtf #copymuch #riverdale #theorder #netflix #cw #copycats — Kristen Delaney (@KDelaneyO) march 10, 2019 Translation : “Am I the only one to have noticed ?” Overall, spectators were delighted to find some actors, like Sam Trammell of True Blood, and Drew Ray Tanner who camps Fangs in Riverdale. Then in the pilot of #TheOrder there is the father Kellergan of The Case of Harry Quebert, Sam Merlotte of True Blood, Margot Verger from Hannibal and Fangs of Riverdale. I forgot who ??— tiffany. (@TiiffanyO) march 7, 2019 In the skin of the main character, Jake Manley has also excited a part of the internet… 13 minutes in and I love Jack Morton #TheOrder — ιиfιиιту иαναяяσ 🇵🇷 (@OfficiallyR0yal) march 9, 2019 Translation : “13 minutes, and I already love Jack Morton” #Theorder – a nasty air of #TomCruise young anyway ! #Netflix — Pam (@Pamprod) 11 march 2019, But other actors also have their fan club ! 20min I started #TheOrder on Netflix and I crush already on Amir. He is too cute with its wicking curly ouin— Pierre-Louis 👑 (@pilouestgentil) 11 march 2019 In all series I watch I have a crush, ajd I started #TheOrder so my crush it will be him — chin (@ju_xtcv) march 10, 2019 to the end of The first season, has shaken more than a spectator, to such a point that many claim already a season 2 ! Me, in front of the end of #TheOrder 😭 — 🤷🏻♀️ (@_redm00n) march 12, 2019 THE END OF #THEORDER 😭😭😭 NOOOONNNN , @NetflixFR I demand a season 2😭😭— Alex (@KPicat) 11 march 2019 season 1 of The Order is available on Netflix. Follow all the news from Netflix.

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